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S.A. Agility Training Clubs
  Metropolitan Clubs
Agility Dog Club of S.A.   
Barratt Reserve, West Beach Rd., West Beach
N.B:   from May 20th, 2021, ADCSA is relocating to
the Golflands Reserve,
Wongala Avenue, Glenelg North, 
Agility Training:  Thursday evenings.       Contact : Jenny Barnes - Ph: 0412 208 011

Gawler Dog Training Club
Elliot Goodger Reserve,  River Road, Willaston    
Contact: Wendy Adams   Ph: 8524 3318
Agility Wednesday evenings ;    Obedience & Rally training on Friday evenings

Munno Para Dog Obedience Club
Kooranowa Reserve, Vincent Road, Smithfield Plains
(off Peachey Road)      Ph: 8287 5384    
Agility : Tuesday evenings; Obedience Monday evenings.  Rally 7 - 8 p.m.
Contact :
Sharon Kolze     Ph:   85230515     e-mail:
N.B:  from mid-April to mid-June 2021, Munno Para club's activities will be relocating
temporarily to Duncan Anderson Reserve, Trimmer Road, Eizabeth Vale

Noarlunga City Obedience Dog Club  
Pimpala Primary School, Vanstone Avenue, Morphett Vale   (off Bains Road)
 Ph: 8387 1742 
Agility Training:  Monday evenings
   Contact: Brian Fielder Ph:  8326 5951

Obedience training Wednesday evenings & Sunday mornings 
Rally Obedience on Sunday mornings from 9.30 a.m.

Para District Obedience Dog Club
Jenkins Reserve, off Saints Road,  Salisbury
Agility Training:  Friday evenings -   Contact : Chrissy Dalla Valle .. ph : 0417 877 249

Obedience & Rally training : Sunday mornings
, 9 - 11 a.m. 
For more details on class training times click HERE


South Australian Obedience Dog Club
Beaumont Road, Adelaide south parklands   (from South Terrace )     Contact : 8223 6626 
                         S.A.O.D.C. no longer conducts Agility training

Obedience & Rally training Tuesday mornings; Obedience Tuesday evenings.
For more details on class times:

Southern Districts Kennel.& Obedience Dog Club
Corner of States & Wheatsheaf Roads, Morphett Vale
Jumping Wed. evenings; Agility Sun. mornings.
 Inquiries: Judy Magarey: 0417 807481  
Obedience training Tues.& Wed. evenings & Sunday mornings. Inquiries: Val Patten : 8382 5051 
Rally Obedience training 1st & 3rd Tuesday evening of each month, & Sunday mornings.  
For more details of training times, see

Country Clubs
Spencer Gulf Obedience Dog Club
Nicholson Ave Primary School, Nicholson Ave, Whyalla Norrie
Agility Training:  Sundays -  11am ( after Obedience classes)  
Obedience : Sunday mornings 10 - 10.45  & Wednesday evenings 5 - 5.30  
Rally on alternate Sundays 11 - 12    ~    No training on long weekends
Contact : Jill Warner   0416178275          or find us on Facebook


Riverland Kennel & Obedience Club . . .
Riverland Exhibition Centre, Barmera
Agility Training:  Monday evening ; Obedience & Rally training Wednesday evenings.
Contact: Sue Laidler  Ph:  8582 2799 . . . .

Blue Lake Obedience Dog Club   
Hastings Cunningham Reserve, Mt Gambier
Agility Training: During daylight Saving - Monday evening 5.00pm
Winter: 2nd & 4th Sundays 8.00am        Trialers Sunday mornings.  
Obedience training : Sunday mornings : Contact: Ph: 8723 0479


Indoor Agility set up at the Royal Adelaide Show
                               For Obedience clubs & training times, see





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