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Height Cards                    

            Competitors must have their dog measured prior to entering their first trial.
          Please take note of the protocol authorized April 2014 which remains current


               In this document the term 'AAC' refers to the Agility Advisory Committee of S.A.
                   ( you're currently on their web-site ) and the term 'nominated person' refers
                   to that committee's chairperson Peter Dynan (contact options listed below).               
                  In his absence, another member of the A.A.C. will be nominated to undertake
              any scheduled height assessments, and that person's name & contacts listed below





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        In order to be measured, a dog must be registered with the Canine Association of South 
     Australia ( DogsSA ) and the person
submitting the application for measurement must be a
     financial member of DogsSA and the person named on the dog's registration.
      If your dog has a pedigree certificate still in the name of the breeder, you have the option of
    transferring the dog's name to yours (with the breeder's signed consent from the back of that
    certificate) or the breeder must agree to sign all documents relating to the dog, including all
    entry forms for competition : you need to discuss these options with the breeder.
      If your dog is a cross-breed, or was sold to you without 'papers' ( has no pedigree registration
   certificate ) which category includes all rescue dogs, it will be registered with DogsSA as an
   'Associate', for which they need to have been de-sexed and microchipped, with documentation
    to that effect to accompany the height registration form.
      The DogsSA web-site is not easily navigated by newcomers, but all necessary information and appropriate forms are all available under 'Downloads'
      To register a dog that hasn't previously been issued with a pedigree certificate, key in 'Associate Register' then take/send the completed form with the relevant fee to DogsSA,                  
                                                                                                  Cromwell Road, Kilburn, S.A. 5064
                                                                                    or  P.O. Box 844, Prospect East, S.A. 5082 . 
   ( Key in 'Scale of charges' to the search bar as above to determine the appropriate fes due.)
     You can submit your membership application and your dog's registration application forms
   & fees at the same time . The DogsSA office is usually very prompt in processing and
    responding to correspondence. Using the information and a copy of the certificate they issue,
    you can then complete the Height Measurement protocol form and follow its instructions.


                                     N.B: Obedience Height Cards will not be accepted for Agility
                                                    in accordance to rule 4.2 of the Agility rule book.

                                    ** If you require a height card for Agility,
                                 please contact Peter Dynan to arrange a time and place.

                  by phone :    0419 501 117   or e-mail :
                    You must follow this protocol as any other approach just wastes time.             

                            Measuring of dogs will NOT take place without prior arrangement.    
Dogs will not be measured without first being registered with DogsSA
             as their height is recorded against their registration number ( bring this with you ).
          The person applying for the measurement must be a financial member of DogsSA.

                                           Measuring will also take place at country trials,
                           but an indication of numbers in advance would be appreciated
                                                  Procedure for the Measuring of Dogs

                                           I Want To Go Trialling : What Do I do Now ?

    Please prepare for the measuring procedure by training your dog to stand still to be measured:
  this will save you and your dog distress, and the judges time.
   Jump uprights or bars can be used as props for this, getting the dog used to standing while the bars
  are moved close to and touch its body, and lowered to rest on its back. 
    The official measuring 'stick' is a stainless steel frame which stands on the ground, with a horizontal
  bar that slides up/down to rest lightly on the dog's shoulders to get a reading, which involves two
  judges whom the dog may not know, standing or crouching up-close to see the stick's calibration.
    Many dogs, even those who are experienced with a 'Stand-for-exam' exercise for Obedience or
  Conformation, find this very un-nerving, which makes it difficult to take an accurate measurement.

 The photos below give an indication of the measuring stick and its effect on an otherwise laid-back dog.

          from the Height Card protocol :
Any dog that in the opinion of the measurers cannot stand steadily
                                   and thus guarantee an accurate measurement
will not be measured.
                                          and any dog that has not been measured cannot compete.

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