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                          ***  Agility Rules 2021  
including Games


   NFC ( Not for Competition ) Rules, July 2021 ( S.A.- N.B: some variation between states )
includes Juniors & Veterans classes

 Rules for the conduct of National Agility Teams Events  including scoring


Please read in full the revised DogsSA Rule Part VIII Exhibitions A.  
General: re. a dog being under effective control: handlers' responsibilities.
Here   ( effective from May 1st, 2017 )


A.A.C. End-of-year Awards Rules   ( 2022 )


 Agility Safety Guidelines   

South Australian Agility Safety Guidelines - effective 2001 

Guideline Safety Provisions for Agility Equipment  

Guideline for Agility Training Puppies
 Instructors guide for agility training puppies at club level 

Hot Weather Guidelines for Clubs and Exhibitors 

                SACA Rule Book 
(January 2017 )

**  Other stuff you need to know about trialing in S.A.

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